Contamination Sequestering Proppants-

Lamnipipe is happy to announce new Lamni-Proppants. These are in situ proppants coated with contaminant sequestering chemistry. As they keep the fractures open, they also sequester and stabilize radionuclides, arsenic compounds and other toxic targets within the fractured shale matrix.

Lamni-Proppants are particularly useful in sequestering radionuclides from Produced Water, which contain high concentrations of radionuclides.

Lamni-Proppants can be customized to the geologic and regulatory environment unique to each well. Lamni-Proppants work for both Flowback Water and Produced Water.

Please check out this link-  which features the NY Times Editorial, "The Debate on Fracturing", and then view our letter to the editor.