The Technology:
So How Does Lamnipipe Work and Why Should it Interest You?

Simply put, Lamnipipe technology sequesters radioactive particles as well as phenolic residuals and BTEX compounds to the inside of the well pipe during Hydrofracking. This means the water that is extracted from the well only needs to be processed to remove suspended solids and other chemicals but the radioactive component of Flowback Water and Produced Water will be greatly reduced – even below background levels.

The Lamnipipe Liners and Coatings can be customized to the Fracking job at hand. For example if a well is 8,000 feet deep, technicians may decide that they want the radiation to be captured within the first 2,000 feet of pipe rise. In a shallower well they might specify 500 feet. The point is that by keeping radionuclides below the surface, the safety of waste Frack water is enhanced.

The Lamnipipe technologies are patented in the United States and other countries.

is to shown to produce 90% Lower 226Ra Levels in Flowback Water after Lamnipipe Flow-Through. Use Lamnipipe today, and bring your flowback water to a less hazardous standard.

A joint project of Lamnipipe and DOW Chemical. Regional licensing is available.