The Dilution Solution:

What is the “Dilution Solution"?

Since flowback water and production water are contaminated with radioactive compounds and other hazardous materials in some cases drillers have used the Dilution Solution to avoid regulations.

The solution requires that flowback water be mixed with fresh or non-contaminated water to reduce the percentage of contaminants before sending the water offsite for treatment or for permanent deposit into an injection well.

This approach defeats reasonable environmental expectations in that good water is made into contaminated water to allow disposal.

Lamnipipe and related products make the “Dilution Solution” obsolete and contribute to Best Practices by not contaminating more water than is absolutely necessary to achieve successful well production.

This approach when applied to a well casing can also reduce the amount of radioactive or contaminated sludge during the earlier stages of well drilling. In that situation the sludge is mixed with additional earth or sand to reduce contamination percentages for materials sent to landfills. Again this is inherently wasteful and can best be addressed by use of Lamnipipe products.

So the “Dilution Solution” is no solution at all. Lamnipipe, LamniProppant Striated Beds, and LamniSleeves just make more sense.